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Pack size Available: 1L; 20L

Maxlife™ Coolant/Antifreeze helps extend the life of vehicles by keeping the engine temperature stable in all climates and driving conditions. MaxLife provides long-life protection by means of a unique patented formulation with superior anti-corrosion inhibitors and anti-scaling chemistry. It protects the cooling system against freezing and over-heating by keeping it clean.
Available in concentrate and 50/50 RTU.


MaxLife coolant protects modern vehicles with aluminium engines as well as older engines using cast-iron. MaxLife is the only antifreeze to contain Alugard Plus®, a special additive that allows these coolant chemistry to work together to provide maximum protection. Additional product benefits include:

Recommended for use in all vehicle makes and models.
Helps protect against cold weather freeze-ups and hot weather boil-overs.
Compatible with all colors of antifreeze in case of mixing .