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Valvoline Earth LiCal Complex 2 is a specialty lithium calcium complex grease formulated with graphite to withstand the most extreme load, shock and weather conditions. Specially developed for heavily loaded open gears and applications with slow moving and/or oscillating motion. Best recommended for use in demanding mining and construction applications. Also best to be considered when no other grease can do the job.*


Valvoline specialty lithium calcium complex grease is formulated with graphite for extreme shock loads. Additional product benefits include:
Ensures a good mechanical stability, corrosion protection and excellent water resistance, which are critical in wet and corrosive environments
Helps to extend bearing lifetime
Lubricates and protects under the most severe circumstances like damp and wet conditions
Excellent wear protection under heavy (shock) loads. In the presence of water, a good lubricating film will be maintained, avoiding wash out
Recommended for lubrication of heavily loaded open gears, and coupling devices of trucks and trailers. Suitable for earth moving equipment, concrete hammering devices and mining applications

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