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Pack size Available: 5L; 20L; 208L

Extra Durability For Long-Drain Performance. Developed for a wide range of heavy-duty engines, All-Fleet conventional engine oil is a high performance universal mixed fleet oil, recommended for gasoline, LPG and diesel engines. Advanced formulations combat higher levels of contamination and soot created in extended and long drain operation to maintain advanced levels of engine protection and cleanliness.


Valvoline All-Fleet Engine Oil is formulated to provide optimum performance in mixed fleets under severe service demands. Additional product benefits include:

Advanced additive technology reduces oil consumption and component wear
Outstanding protection over long-drain intervals to help reduce life cycle costs.
Superior soot control and corrosion protection.
Compatible with EGR and SCR systems
Also recommended for off-road vehicles, taxicabs, police cars, light trucks, vans and pleasure boats.

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