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Pack size Available: 20L; 208L

ProFleet Ultra High Performance Diesel (UHPD) fully synthetic engine oils are designed to provide superior lubricant performance in the latest and next generation low-emission diesel engines. The ProFleet range of engine oils is developed to extend service intervals, to protect against bio-diesel and to reduce friction in the engine for improved fuel efficiency. By providing outstanding cleanliness in both engines and exhaust after treatment systems, and meeting extended-drain requirements, ProFleet becomes the ideal heavy duty engine oil to help lower overall operating costs.*


Fully synthetic and OEM approved engine oils for superior extended performance in modern trucks and buses. Additional product benefits include:

  • Suitable for use in high performance Euro diesel engines with EGR, SCR and DPF
  • Strong oil film protects the engine against wear and corrosion
  • Extended service intervals and long-drain oil refreshment periods
  • Excellent fuel economy properties
  • Unique formulation prevents deposit formation and protects against soot build-up

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