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Pack size Available: 1L; 4L

Every great engine deserves a great oil. Valvoline pioneered motor oil in 1866, and we’ve been reinventing oil ever since. All-Climate remains a benchmark for premium quality motor oil, and is available for a wide range of passenger cars with petrol, diesel or LPG engines. All-Climate motor oils are formulated to keep engines clean and provide year-round protection. Proven and trusted technology is used to guarantee easy cold starts and optimal lubrication over a wide variety of operating temperatures.


Valvoline All-Climate conventional is one of our premium conventional motor oils, recommended for older generation vehicles. Additional product benefits include:

Broad coverage – High quality formulation suitable for a broad range of vehicles with petrol, diesel or LPG engines
Wear protection – Strong oil film provides protection under various operating conditions
Engine cleanliness – Keeps the engine clean by protecting against sludge and deposit formation.
Innovation – Valvoline is constantly innovating to make the next great oil for the next great engine

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