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Pack size Available: 5L

The Ultimate Valvoline Engine Protection.

SynPower is the result of Valvoline’s drive to lead innovation. SynPower is an OEM approved premium grade motor oil that provides superior performance and is formulated to fulfill the latest standards of leading engine manufacturers. It meets the demands of next generation engines with reduced fuel consumption, lower emissions and extended maintenance intervals.


SynPower Full Synthetic Motor Oil is a premium motor oil. formulated for the ultimate performance and protection. It is designed to fulfill the latest standards of leading engine manufacturers. Benefits include:

Superior engine cleanliness – Advanced additives remove deposits and sludge from the engine, and help prevent new buildup of harmful deposits
Excellent cold start performance – Instant oil flow at low temperatures provides easy cold starts and optimal lubrication after ignition
Maximum fuel economy – Low viscosity grades in combination with specialized additives provide maximal reduction of friction and fuel economy benefits
Long drain interval suitability – Excellent product stability ensures long lasting performance suitable for long drain applications.
Compatibility with emission control systems – Optimized for use with emission control systems like DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and TWC (Three Way Catalyst) systems, plus low SAPS output keeps the emission control system in optimal condition.

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