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Pack size Available: 1L; 20L; 208L

Automatic transmission fluid blended with mineral based oil for passenger cars. Formulated to lubricate modern automatic transmissions running at higher temperatures.


The formulation based on the mineral base oil of Valvoline ATF DEX/MERC has high viscosity index which provides increased protection and lubrication of the automatic gearbox over a wide temperature range.

Increased protection – Increased protection against wear and tear, also under high stress working conditions.
Advanced additives – Modern additives protect against corrosion, oxidation, foam, and deposits.
A mixture of premium mineral base oils and a highly balanced additive system avoid breakdowns and stick-slip even after long-term use.
Consistent, stable viscosity – Increased viscosity-temperature properties even at very low temperatures create highly stable viscosity over a long period.
Lasting properties – Product resists aging and has excellent thermal stability, with special base oils, viscosity index improver, and friction modifiers resulting in special friction properties for smoother shifting.

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